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Privacy Statement Abundant Word Ministries values your visits to and interaction with the ABUNDANT WORD MINISTRIES Web site. Because of this, we want you to know what we do with any personal  information you give us through our Web site--and what we won't do with that information. Also, because Internet-related technologies are changing so rapidly, we understand that these guidelines may change in the future. You will find any future privacy policy updates posted on this page for your review. Questions about the Abundant Word Ministries Privacy Policy can be directed to abundant_word@hotmail.com Where We Request Personal Information from You E-mail list subscription pages. .Donation forms. What We Do All information gathered from fill-in forms on the ABUNDANT WORD MINISTRIES Web site is sent to the ABUNDANT WORD MINISTRIES offices in Denver, Colorado, for processing and fulfillment of any requests. In some cases information gathered from fill-in forms may be temporarily kept in a secure database on our server for later retrieval. All such information is periodically deleted from the database. An e-mail address used to subscribe a person to one of ABUNDANT WORD MINISTRIES’s e-mail lists is held securely on our server. Such compiled e-mail lists are available only to Abundant Word Ministries. Names and addresses submitted through online forms are added to our communication database, and will receive news of ABUNDANT WORD MINISTRIES events and ministries. What We Don't Do We do not sell or rent personal information gathered from the ABUNDANT WORD MINISTRIES Web site to any third party. We do not "trap" e-mail addresses from unsuspecting browsers on the ABUNDANT WORD MINISTRIES site. We do not keep credit card information on the server. We do not release personal information about any ABUNDANT WORD MINISTRIES site visitor unless first requesting permission from that person. Addition E-mail list subscribers may unsubscribe themselves at any time by using the subscription page or by sending an email to abundant_word@hotmail.com Persons may also request to be removed from a conventional JI mailing list by e-mailing that request to abundant_word@hotmail.com or mailing that request to: Abundant Word Ministries 200 So. University, Denver, CO 80209 USA Abundant Word Ministries is not responsible for the privacy policies of Web sites to which it may link.