About Abundant Word Ministry Founded in 1980
The Abundant Word Story - Ruth Hickman People today are searching for relevancy in daily living. "What good does it do to go to church on Sunday," they ask, "when the rest of the week is a shambles. The Bible sounds good, but how do I make it work?" Abundant Word is a Bible-teaching ministry dedicated to providing in-depth understanding and application of God's word in order that individuals may live the abundant life God promises. Ruth Hickman, founder and teacher, has an anointing of power and revelation in both Old and New Testament truths. She has been called "the teacher with the caring heart" because of her ability to convey God's message in ways that make a difference in the lives of people. A member of a study group in Boulder, Colorado says, "I now classify my life before and after Abundant Word. The power of God has turned my family around as we have learned the power and authority of the scripture. Ruth's anointed teachings get down in your spirit to equip you." Ruth has a special burden to reach people in rural or isolated areas who have limited access to sound Bible instruction. Her desire is to bring together any body of believers that desires to grow and mature in God's word. Ruth's topical teaching series are available on audio and video tapes, with curriculum for group and individual study. Abundant Word is a non-denominational ministry, guided by a ministry board of respected Christian leaders who provide counsel and set policy. Please contact us if you would like Ruth Hickman to speak in your area.  
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